Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrophotometer & Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrophotometer
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Walter Maxwell, Service Manager
MAXWELL INSTRUMENTATION was started by Walter Maxwell. He served in the United States Army in the 4th Infantry Division during Vietnam. As a Purple Heart and Air Medal Recipient, he returned from Vietnam and majored in marine oceanography. As a marine oceanographic researcher, Walter was first exposed to atomic spectroscopy. After two years of research, he left oceanography to pursue atomic spectroscopy. Walter honed his skills working with spectroscopy for the next two years working in a medical laboratory and later in a chemical company. He earned an electronics engineering degree and accepted a position with a successful Boston company to become an AA/ICP service engineer for North and South Carolina.

After working as a factory trained service engineer on atomic absorption spectrophotometers and inductively coupled plasma spectrometers for 10 years, he started his own company MAXWELL INSTRUMENTATION (MI) May 23, 1988.

Susan Maxwell, CFO (seated)
Stacy Mann, Business Manager
Suzanna Maxwell, Office Assistant
Going on 22 years, MI has maintained service contracts with major companies across the southeast. Our customer base has expanded from central North and South Carolina to include much of the Southeast. While servicing instrumentation has always been our specialty, MIís success has led us to focus on providing supplies for instrumentation with the same touch of a personal service call. While still providing on-site service, MI is now poised to be the top parts supplier for instrumentation on the East Coast.

We keep low overhead by running a small crew, dedicated to customer service and the mission at hand. To our competitorís dislike, our markup on supplies is minimal and shipping is always prompt. Our success is proof that customer service and employee satisfaction are key. Thank you for 22 years of success.

ďFrom the beginning, Iíve made customer service with a personal touch my specialty. From buying parts to on-site service calls, I guarantee excellent customer service.Ē

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